AutoCad 3D Graphic Design Tool

Who it's for

  •    For those who want to improve their skills and automate work. Transition from traditional manual drawings to digital in AutoCad.

Why study AutoCad?

  • More efficient. AutoCAD automates many processes, speeding up the creation and editing of drawings.

  • Reduces errors. Improves the accuracy of projects, reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

  • Provides more information through 3D. Allows for creating three-dimensional models, giving a more comprehensive view of the project.

  • Easier to make revisions. Simpler and faster to make changes in electronic drawings.

  • Enables collaborative project management. Simplifies collaboration on projects and data exchange.

  • Standardizes. Ensures uniform standards for documentation.

What will you learn?

  • Understand key concepts and the structure of working in AutoCAD.

  • Create technical documentation using AutoCAD.

  • Create and process drawings: add, delete and edit elements, sort, merge, and group objects.

  • Work efficiently in the AutoCAD user interface.

Course program:


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