English (no prior knowledge)

English (no prior knowledge)

Who it's for  

  • For those who want to learn the language from scratch. Learn to speak, read, write, and understand simple spoken English.

Program objective

To teach students to speak, listen, read, and write in English for everyday communication: at work, at home, or on vacation. The program helps to overcome the language barrier and feel confident in communicating in English.

What will you learn?

  • Build a basic vocabulary necessary for simple conversations. You will be able to understand and use basic English structures and phrases.

  • Learn to read simple texts, understand their essence, and extract information from them.

  • Be able to write simple texts in English: short messages, letters, and small compositions.

  • Participate in simple conversations in English on the topics studied: asking questions and answering them, expressing opinions, and exchanging information.

  • Understand simple spoken English: quotes or instructions in English.

Course program:


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