English (with prior knowledge) (Elementary)

English (with prior knowledge) (Elementary)

Who it's for  

  • For those who have a basic understanding of how the English language is structured. Improve your English language skills, refresh your knowledge, and expand your vocabulary.

Program objective

To develop your spoken English skills at the Elementary level.

What will you learn?

  • Expand your vocabulary necessary for communication on various topics.

  • Improve your writing, listening, and reading skills.

Course program:

1. Describing people;
2. Countries and nationalities;
3. Work and occupations;
4. Traveling;
5. Shopping;
6. Healthy lifestyle;
7. Food;
8. Grammar;
9. Articles ‘a/an/the’;
10. Verbs in present and past (simple and continuous);
11. Plural nouns;
12. Adjectives and adverbs;
13. Numerals.

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