Logistics worker

NVA kuponu apmācība tiek finansēta no AF projekta Nr. “Prasmju pilnveide pieaugušajiem” līdzekļiem 

Who it's for

  • Those seeking a stable and in-demand profession. Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for professional activity.

  • Those with an analytical mindset who wish to develop in the field of planning and organizing transportation. Gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to optimize logistical processes.

What does a logistics specialist do?

A logistics specialist is responsible for organizing and controlling the process of transporting goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer. This includes planning, choosing optimal routes and delivery methods, organizing storage, and processing cargo. Specialists in this field ensure timely and economically efficient movement of goods, which is a key factor in the success of any company dealing with physical products.

What will you learn?

  • Analyze and optimize transportation processes, selecting the best delivery methods.

  • Plan and schedule transportation, ensuring its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Work with regulatory acts and international agreements.

  • Prepare the necessary documentation, adhering to rules and standards.

  • Use specialized software for logistical calculations and process management.

  • Maintain a high level of professional ethics and adhere to labor relations norms.

To complete the course, it is necessary to undergo qualification practice and pass an exam to confirm skills.

Course program:

  1. Basics of logistics;
  2. Purchase logistics;
  3. Production logistics;
  4. Distribution logistics;
  5. Transport logistics;
  6. Basics of marketing and advertising;
  7. Basics of business;
  8. Business English;
  9. Basics of accounting;
  10. Applied informatics;
  11. Managing documents;
  12. Public and human safety;
  13. Business communication.

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