Arc welding with mechanized equipment in an active gas environment (MAG)

Arc welding with mechanized equipment in an active gas environment (MAG)

Who it's for 

  • Those seeking a stable and in-demand profession. Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for professional activity.

What does a welder do?

An arc welder performs welding work using mechanized equipment in an active gas environment, manufacturing metal products and steel structures. Professionals in this field carry out assembly and repair works, following technical rules and safety standards. The work of an arc welder is in demand at metalworking and engineering enterprises, construction firms, auto repair shops, and other organizations where quality welding work is required.

What will you learn?

  • Read and understand professional documentation.

  • Prepare parts and structures for welding.

  • Work with materials and equipment.

  • Operate the welding machine, connect and adjust the equipment.

  • Perform welding of various types of seams and conduct visual quality control of welds.

  • Adhere to labor protection, fire safety, electrical safety, and environmental protection rules.

The curriculum includes MAG/135 arc welding technology, fundamentals of materials science, drafting, electrical engineering, computer use, and professional terminology in English.

To complete the course, it is necessary to undergo qualification practice and pass an exam to confirm skills.

Course program:

1.Arc welding (MAG) work technology;
2.Basics of materials;
3.Basics of drawing;
4.Basics of electrical engineering and electrical safety;
5.Basics of using computers;
6.Professional terminology in English;
7.Public and human safety;
8.The acquired theoretical and practical skills will be improved in qualification practice in companies.

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