First aid

Who is it suitable for?

- Individuals: interested in the basics of first aid.
- Drivers and transporters: needing to master the specifics of providing aid in traffic accidents.
- Weapon owners: for learning methods of providing first aid for gunshot and other injuries.

 What will you learn?

- Basics of first aid: understanding the fundamental principles and techniques for assisting with injuries, bleeding, burns, and other emergency situations.
- Practical application of knowledge: skills in performing resuscitation measures, using improvised means to provide assistance.
- Organization and planning of actions: developing an action plan in case of fire, traffic accidents, and other emergency situations.
Quality of training assessment At the end of the program, testing is provided. Successful completion of the test is confirmed by the issuance of a certificate, which will serve as an official confirmation of your knowledge and skills in providing first aid.

Course program:


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