Project management

Who it's for 

  • Those who want to change their profession. You will master a new function and start a career as a manager, necessary in all areas of business.

  • Those who want to expand their area of expertise. You will be able to stay in your industry in a new role.

What does a project manager do?

The project manager is responsible for the successful implementation of a project from start to finish. They plan and distribute tasks within the team, monitor deadlines and budget, communicate with contractors and the client, manage risks, and create conditions so that the final result satisfies the client.

What will you learn?

  • Master project management processes, including logical and technical planning, monitoring, and management.

  • Organize preliminary work to launch a project, define its goals and objectives.

  • Manage project resources, including planning and distribution.

  • Analyze and manage project risks, develop key documentation.

  • Work in Microsoft Project – a project management system.

  • Manage staff, conduct internal communication, present ideas, and generate ideas.

Course program:

Management theory;
Project management;
Personnel management;
Business communication and presentation skills;
Document management.

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