Sling and floor controlled bridge crane operation works

Sling and floor controlled bridge crane operation works

Who is it suitable for?

 - Overhead crane operators: to enhance qualifications and deepen knowledge.

 - Beginners in crane operation: to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge from scratch.

 - Safety engineers: to update knowledge on safety standards when working with cranes.

 What will you learn?

 - Basics of rigging and operation: theoretical knowledge and practical skills in working with overhead cranes.

- Inspection and testing of devices: the ability to conduct necessary checks to ensure safety. 

- Loading and unloading operations: performing basic operations using overhead cranes.

 - Determining the suitability of the load: choosing appropriate lifting devices based on the characteristics of the load. 

- Sign language: mastering sign language is important for safe coordination of actions on noisy production sites.

- Use of lifting devices: correct selection and use of devices for safe operation.

 As a result of the educational process, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities in rigging and operating overhead cranes.

Course program:

Cargo handling grabs;
Technical inspection of cranes;
Cargo classification;
Cargo coupling and lashing technology;
Securing cargo;
Essential requirements for cranes and their main mechanisms;
Crane characteristics and equipment.

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