Sling and floor controlled bridge crane operation works

Sling and floor controlled bridge crane operation works

Who is it suitable for? 

- Operators of overhead and beam cranes: to improve existing skills and increase qualifications. 

- Managers of production sites: for understanding the processes of crane operation and safety requirements. 

What will you learn? 

- Basics of rigging: understanding the principles and methods of safely preparing loads for movement. 

- Crane operation: acquiring skills for efficient and safe control of beam and overhead cranes. 

- Safety rules: knowledge and application of safety standards necessary when working with lifting equipment. 

- Technical maintenance: fundamentals of conducting technical inspections and maintenance of cranes to prevent emergencies. 

Upon successful completion of the course, you will possess comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for safe and efficient operation of beam and overhead cranes.

Course program:

Cargo handling grabs;
Technical inspection of cranes;
Cargo classification;
Cargo coupling and lashing technology;
Securing cargo;
Essential requirements for cranes and their main mechanisms;
Crane characteristics and equipment.

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