Tourism product development

Tourism product development
Aim: to develop skills to participate in the planning and implementation of tourism services and activities; as a result, students will improve professional knowledge and skills in the field of tourism.
Outcomes and results: after successfully completing this course, students will obtain the following skills and competences:
-    To improve knowledge about tourism infrastructure
-    To acquire knowledge about tourism supply and its use
-    To master the principles of information acquisition and systematization;
-    To master the development of tourism products and their creation (to prepare tour itineraries, planning work during tours);
-    To know the needs of clients and to be able to provide information according to their requests;
-     To learn the different types of tourism product promotion.

Course program:

Tourism components;
Tourism products and their types;
Group travel;
Route planning;
Active tourism services;
Customer target group service;
Intercultural services;
Implementation of tourism products;
Sales of tourism services and products;
Knowledge and use of modern technology;
Production of visual materials.

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