German (no prior knowledge)

German (no prior knowledge)

Who is it suitable for? 

  •  Beginners: for those who want to start learning German from the basics. 
What will you learn?
  •  Alphabet and pronunciation: master the German alphabet and correct pronunciation. 
  •  Basic phrases and expressions: learn simple phrases and expressions for everyday communication. 
  • Fundamentals of grammar: get acquainted with sentence structure and grammatical tenses.
  • Cultural aspects: discover the cultural features and traditions of German-speaking countries. 
Advantages and outcomes 

By the end of the course, students will possess comprehensive skills that will enable them to engage in simple communication in German, handle everyday communicative tasks, and understand and apply elementary written and oral information in a variety of situations. This course will serve as a reliable foundation for further study of the German language and open new perspectives in education, career, and personal development.

Course program:

Describing people and family;
Work and leisure;
Lifestyle, etc.

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